Voting Challenge

We are launching a voting challenge on September 22nd, National Voter Registration Day. 

Below are the details of the challenge:


  • The goal of the challenge is for every student group/team to have 100% voter turnout for eligible voters
  • All groups that fulfill this goal will receive a prize from the Swearer Center
    • We will send out a Google Form to group leaders who would be in charged of submitting a group roster and collecting proof of voting from each group member (ex: picture of your “I voted sticker,” your absentee ballot, etc)
    • We want to emphasize that all methods of voting are acceptable and will provide multiple ways of presenting proof of voting
  • We are also encouraging groups to submit an entry of their choice (this is completely optional)  to engage student voters (for example a capella groups can create a jingle) as an additional part of the challenge that makes the group eligible to receive the grand prize
    • We will have a panel of judges who will determine the winning entry.
    • The group with the winning entry will receive the grand prize and will be featured on both the Swearer Center and Brown Votes social media platforms

Here is the google form that group leaders will use to submit their team’s entries.

We are happy to meet with you and discuss what an internal challenge could look like! If you are not interested in an internal challenge, we hope you will help us promote the main challenge and encourage participation. At the end of the day, our goal is to increase voter turnout on campus, and we believe this challenge is an effective way to do so, especially in the midst of a global pandemic that has left us longing for a sense of community and purpose. Please email if you have any questions.