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Who Can Join Brown Votes?

Anyone can! Brown Votes is open to all Brown University students. You don’t need to be a member of any existing student group, you don’t need to have any sort of experience, and you don’t need to be eligible to vote.

Please submit this form to demonstrate your interest in getting involved with Brown Votes. After submitting, you should hear from us soon!

Civic Engagement Fellows (2): Oversee operations of Brown Votes and facilitate communication amongst committees 

Advisory Board includes Civic Engagement Fellows, committee leaders, UCS representation, faculty representation and Ivy League Voting Challenge liaison(s)

Existing Voting Group Committee: Consisting of representatives from existing student groups

Communications Committee: Handle social media and outreach

Advocacy Committee: Conduct research on voting laws and policies

Voter Registration & Training Committee: Conduct and coordinate voter registration efforts

Ad Hoc Committees: Created as necessary (e.g. COVID-19 Task Force)