Motto: Register ↔ Engage ↔ Vote

What Is Brown Votes?

Brown Votes is a non-partisan, campus-wide, collective impact initiative committed to preparing students with the skills and experiences necessary to become informed voters with a lifelong commitment to the habits of democracy. Led by students, faculty, and staff and supported by the Swearer Center, Brown Votes is intended to streamline voter initiatives across Brown University by acting as a hub for resource-sharing, communication, and coordination.

Brown Votes a Vehicle for Sustained Voter Engagement at Brown University

A Vehicle for Sustained Voter Engagement at Brown University

How Does Brown Votes Work?

The Brown Votes initiative is driven by an operations committee that consists of the civic engagement fellows, Swearer Center staff, and four student working groups (Voter Registration and Mobilization, Voter Education, Coordination across campus groups and units, and Digital Communications). The operations committee is guided by a steering committee, consisting of (administration, faculty, students, and other key university stakeholders) supported by the Swearer Center.

Who Can Join Brown Votes?

Anyone can! Brown Votes is open to all Brown University students, faculty, or staff.