Our goal is to reach 100% voter registration and turnout on Brown’s campus

Brown Votes is a new non-partisan, student-led initiative supported by the Swearer Center designed to conduct and coordinate efforts to improve voter registration, voting participation, and civic engagement at Brown University.

Why Do We Need Brown Votes?

Brown Votes will fill the gaps that are currently missing to strengthen pro-voter efforts on campus. Brown Votes will streamline pro-voter initiatives at Brown University by providing a hub for resource-sharing, communication, and coordination among all student groups, while creating the name recognition and legitimacy necessary for effectively collaborating with the administration and other universities. We are also seeking to promote civic engagement among international students, DACA students, and undocumented students who are not traditionally included in civic engagement programming.

Affiliation with the ALL IN Ivy League Votes Challenge

Brown University is a member of the ALL IN Ivy League Voting Challenge,  an intercollegiate voter participation challenge. This challenge has created a coalition of students, administrators, and faculty members from each Ivy League institution who share best practices and resources with one another. The objective of this friendly competition is to increase and improve civic engagement efforts on all participating campuses.

Brown's Voting Turnout History

Brown’s previous voter registration and turnout numbers leave significant room for improvement. This election year we hope to reach 100% voter registration and turnout for eligible voters.


in 2016 General Election


in 2018 Midterm Election


Targeted for 2020 General Election