What Is Brown Votes?

Brown Votes is a new student-led initiative supported by the Swearer Center designed to conduct and coordinate efforts to improve voter registration, voting participation, and civic engagement at Brown University.

Why Do We Need Brown Votes?

Brown Votes will fill the gaps that are currently missing to strengthen pro-voter efforts on campus. Brown Votes will streamline pro-voter initiatives at Brown University by providing a hub for resource-sharing, communication, and coordination between all student groups, while creating the name recognition and legitimacy necessary for effectively collaborating with the administration and other universities.

How Will Brown Votes Work?

  • Existing Voting Group Committee: Composed of representatives from existing student groups
  • Communications Committee: Handle social media and outreach
  • Advocacy Committee: Conduct research on voting laws and policies
  • Voter Registration & Training Committee: Conduct and coordinate voter registration efforts
  • Ad Hoc Committees: Created as necessary (e.g. COVID-19 Task Force)

Who Can Join Brown Votes?

Anyone can! Brown Votes is open to all Brown University students. You don’t need to be a member of any existing student group, you don’t need to have any sort of experience, and you don’t need to be eligible to vote.